Evoke Thy Lords

Genre: Gothic doom metal

Origin: Russia

Current line-up:
Alexey Kozlov - Vocals, keyboards
Irina Lovchikova - Vocals
Dmitriy Akulov - Bass
Sergey Vagin - Guitar
Alexandr Mironov - Drums
Irina Drebushchak - Flute

Current label:
Stygian Crypt Productions

Escape to the Dreamlands - 2008 

Official Site:

1. Hello Alexey! How are you? “Escape to the Dreamlands” is your debut album. How do you feel about it? Does the final result approach the expectation you had before recording this album?

    The main feeling after each release was the relief that we had finally done it. It could have been explained by the fact that it was the first experience in recording an album for EVOKE THY LORDS and we made some mistakes we had to correct later. Besides, we had certain problems in the studio so it also affected the result. Finally, by the end of working on the album we got tired of it, especially taking in account that that material had been created about 4-5 years before. As to the sound, the achieved result did not quite satisfy us, but we decided to keep it in mind for the future.
2. By the way, is EVOKE THY LORDS your first band? Did you play in any other bands before? Have you recorded anything with them?
    I had played in several bands before EVOKE THY LORDS, but I can hardly call them serious bands now, so EVOKE THY LORDS happened to be my first “real” band. I also used to sing in EMBERLAND, where our ex-guitarist was playing. We played something like deathcore/death metal. I still like that material. We released one album with the Russian label Blacksmith Prods., and after that the band parted. I don’t know if this album is still available there, but if someone wants to purchase this disk, let us know by email (evokethylords@gmail.com), I still have some copies. 
    I am also doing my one-man-project GARNATH, its style is changing continuously. Based on the last material I released the demo (the style is something like ETHEREAL), but haven’t found a producing label yet and ceased the project for the time being.
3. Your music combines many elements that range from melodic death metal to more symphonic parts. How would you describe your sound? What has someone to do, when he mixes lots of genres into his sound, in order to release something interesting?
    Well, trying to name the style of our own music has always been and still is the problem or us. Say, “Escape to the Dreamlands” is too dynamic and aggressive for the so-called gothic metal, there’s too much “air” for the doom-death and it is too poetic for the death metal. There is something inherent of all of these styles in it, but we cannot define it in a few words. Maybe this is because we did not care to stick to any of those laws and stylistic rules while creating this music and we just did what we did.
4. I think that you are big fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. Did the name of the band also refer to the Cthulhu mythology?
    Yes, I do like Lovecraft’ books; we tried to express our vision of the atmosphere of his ideas in our music, both frightening and fantasy-attracting. 
    As for the name of the band - the name, having had occurred as a reference to those books, later changed a row of its notions, and by now it does not have a clear definition. The one who had made it up, and each one seeing it now – they all have their own perception of its meaning. Every man has his own Gods, and the music has always been a channel to communicate with Them. 
5. The album is a concept based on the H.P. Lovecraft books. So is it a concept album? Is there a specific book of H.P. Lovecraft that you have decided to turn into music?
    On this album we tried to embody the atmosphere of the entire world of Lovecraft. The various songs of ours were based on his works of art, one or a few at the same time.
6. By the way, Hollywood plans to do a movie of H.P. Lovecrat’s “Mountains of Madness”. What do you think about it? How easy or difficult is it to transform Lovecraft’s works to any other form of art?
    I will be pleased to see that movie, though I do not know how successful the movie is going to be. The Mountains of Madness seems to be the most difficult story to make the movie on. Basically, I have seen both successful and poor attempts to transfer his art to movies and music.
7. Although Russia has a very strong metal scene, the western metal fans don’t know many things about it. Why do you think this happens?
    The basic reason for this is the poor infrastructure meant for the metal music and the lack of the major labels.
8. I believe that there is a contradiction between your dark music and the optimistic/dreamy title of the album “Escape to the Dreamlands”. Did you do this on purpose?
    Well, the “Escape to the Dreamlands” music is not that dark, and the name of the album is not that optimistic – you should read some Lovecraft on this matter. We think the name of the album quite fits the atmosphere inside it.
9. Do you plan to add more symphonic parts to your music in the future? Do you have any new songs ready?
    We have recorded a 4-track EP that is meant to be a split-CD edition together with another band, and it’s full of symphonic sound. Apart from that, we are making another album in a little different music concept.
10. Thanks for your time answering my questions Alexey. You have released a great album! The last words of this interview belong to you…   
    Thank you for the questions. Quite soon we are expecting our web-site to be done (www.evokethylords.com), where you will be able to find more about us and our new material. We’ll be glad to see you there. 
    Good luck to your webzine and to your readers.
Nick  “Verkaim”  Parastatidis