Genre: Power metal

Origin: USA

Current line-up:
Ed Snow - Vocals
Eric Andree - Lead Guitar
Mike Doyle - Rhythm Guitar
Greg Andree - Bass
Mike Moreira - Drums
Christ St. Pierre - Keyboards

Current label:

And the Battle Begins... - 1991

Official Site:

1. When was the band created? How did you come up with the band’s name? Which were your main influences as a band and which were your influences as a musician?

    The band was created in 1989 by me, my cousin Chris, Mike Doyle & Taco (Mike Moriera). The original REBELLION line-up was Guy Walkden, Chris St.Pierre, Mike Doyle and Mike Moriera. We were inspired by KISS and MOTLEY CRUE, but then we were just into QUEENSRYCHE, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST!
2. Tell us some things about the reunion of the band that has just happened. Which is the new line up?
    It is basically the “Dream Again” line-up, so it’s not really a new line-up. The other guitar player took on singing and the keyboards. So the current line-up is Guy Walkden, Eric Andree, Mike Doyle and Taco (Mike Moriera). It was fun to re-unite and play again, but it was like a joke, compared to what we once did years ago!
3. Tell us some things about the other bands that the members of REBELLION have participated in. 
    No one has ever played in another band except me. I played with a popular cover/original band called DREAMS. The other members of REBELLION were always afraid to go venture into something else. I was in REBELLION & DREAMS, 3 different times in each band! I also played in an Electric Duo with a friend, we did 60's 70's and 80's material!
4. Help us a bit by talking to us about all the releases (official and unofficial ) that REBELLION have put forth because there is a confusion about them. 
    The first release is on cassette. It is entitled “Does Anybody Care?” The second is the LP-tape “And the Battle Begins…”, the third is the unreleased ‘93 demo CD, and the  fourth one is the CD “Dream Again”.
5. Which of the REBELLION stuff is commercially available right now? Is there any official site where the fans could buy the merchandise of the band? 
    There is nothing except my YouTube page. I am the only one with anything on the Internet or with great quality REBELLION stuff. I seem to be the only one that cares about REBELLION at times.
6. Is there any unreleased material from any of your periods that is planned to be officially released? Do you plan to re-release “…And the Battle Begins…” 
    No, the quality of that is awful, not the material, but the quality of the recording is not there. You have to understand that the person that engineered it had no clue what metal was or how to capture it on a tape.
7. Did you start to write any new material? If yes, when should we expect your next release? 
    There will never be another REBELLION release. We can barely get together for a re- union!!!
8. Have you listened to any new good releases in the classic hard rock/heavy metal genre? If yes give us some basic info about these bands including their musical style. Tell us your opinion about the metal scene in the USA nowadays. 
    The metal scene in the U.S. heh,heh. What scene? There is none & the best album I have heard in over a decade was the last release of ALICE IN CHAINS. I thought that it was great. Jerry Cantrell is a genius!
9. Tell us some things about the lyrics of REBELLION, about the covers of your releases and about the band’s beautiful logo.
    Mike Doyle wrote the majority of the lyrics. He was good at it, with the exception of a couple of songs. I drew the original logo that you see, in Science class in High school when I was bored and dreaming of being a rock star, heh,heh.
10. Any plans for playing live around Europe, especially in Greece? Describe to us one of your live shows!! Is it difficult to perform your stuff live?
    No, but when I win the lottery, I will be coming over to see how the other's play live. USA is very boring when it comes to hard rock and metal. They don’t appreciate it here, it is a lost art!
11. Do you think that the Internet has helped the bands by making their name known and "offering" samples of their music or has it harmed them because of the free downloading of whole albums? If it is true that both happen, where does the balance hang out more?
    I think it is great! Everything is free!! I don’t care, because I basically supported the industry, when I was buying cassettes and CDs for years. It definitely took some excitement out of the music business. I liked when there was an aura of mystery to a band. Those days are gone, just go online and find out the whole bio of a band with one click.
12. How do you feel that REBELLION has an album (“And the Battle Begins...”) which even though is really good isn’t known and so much appreciated by the underground metal fans? Why did you think thishappened?
    We had no management, no money, nothing backing us up.
13. How do you feel now 20 years later “And the Battle Begins...” is being sold so expensively? 
    How do I get my end?, heh,heh. I should have kept more copies! heh,heh.
14. How was the feedback of the fans and the press through the years of REBELLION’s existence? 
    Our fans and friends know and love us. Press? We never had any press support, heh,heh.
15. Tell us some things about the difficulties that REBELLION had to overcome all these years.
    You probably don’t know this but the singer you know and love, Ed Snow, found God and quit the band and music entirely. That is what ended the band in the 90's. His dad was a minister in the church and he followed in his footsteps. I haven’t heard or seen him in like 18 years. I left the band and came back, left the band came back. I am not on any of the first 3 recordings. I only play on the “Dream Again” CD. REBELLION was my baby though, it was my first band, I did write a lot of material for the first 3 demos, but never got any credit. That is what happens when people are pissed at you and honestly I am glad that I am not on them. The singer found God and quittted anyway. I was always against making demos that cost $$$$ and never went anywhere back then.
16. Thank you for the interview! Leave a comment to our readers.
    REBELLION will always be a big part of me and my life. I guess because music is such a big part of my life. I have never stopped playing the guitar. I just love it and now I have been playing the piano for the last 3 years. It has opened up another door that I didn’t have. I will always have great memories of music and REBELLION. 
    Hail Hail Hail The Mighty Warriors of Steel REBELLION!!!!
Ioannis  “Knight of Light”  Kaskamanidis