Temple Abattoir

Genre: Black metal

Origin: Spain

Current line-up:
Daguth Abaddon - Vocals
Pudrot - Guitar, Drum Programming

Current label:

Sacrilege & Savagery - 2010

Official Site:

1. First of all I’d like you to fill us in on what’s happening in the TEMPLE ABBATOIR camp at the moment.

    Hails, Christine. We are working with the new drummer of the band, DARKGROF, and looking for a bassist. It’s hard to complete the line-up, we are very few people here. Furthermore, we are waiting for the editions of “Sacrilege & Savagery” and thinking about the next release.
2. Please point out the most important moments and experiences you’ve had with the band thus far, be them good or bad.
    Most rehearsals and live shows are great moments, but to see a completed work made by ourselves is fucking great. The worst moment was in our first show, the problems with the insufficient equipment of the pub for the drum machine derived in a bad sound.
3. Can you present “Sacrilege & Savagery” to our readers in a few words? Which are the album’s highlights and which its weak moments or elements, according to you?
    “Sacrilege & Savagery” contains eight tracks full of hate, darkness and blasphemy for approximately 35 minutes. It has very much strength, and the songs are varied, always in the black metal vein. This album is made by ourselves, we don’t have a recording studio behind us, and it can bring about a prejudice, despite the final score.
4. Have you released any demos before your debut album “Sacrilege & Savagery”? If so, can you please tell is in which ways does your sound differ? How and in which ways has the band’s sound evolved and progressed all these years?
    Yes, we have a demo, “Nechronicles”, previous to “Sacrilege & Savagery”. The sound is better this time and the drums are more realistic, due to our best knowledge of the recording process and the help of V, a well known of the band. All instruments can be more seen, without loss of energy or dark ambient, following the way marked by “Nechronicles”.
5. Why do you think the metal heads should check you out? What do you believe you can offer to the metal scene?
    We can only offer our personal and sincere view of black metal, forged through the effort and the drinking of cheap beer. Nothing new, but well played, at least that’s what we try.
6. Can you point out some of the bands and albums that have influenced you are persons and your sound?
    Our influences are basically the Scandinavian black metal bands of the 90’s and others in this line: IMMORTAL, DARK FUNERAL (“Diabolis Interium”), MARDUK (“Panzer Divison Marduk”), DARKTHRONE, WATAIN (“Sworn to the Dark”), GORGOROTH, 1349 (“Hellfire”), SATYRICON (“Volcano”), IMPALED NAZARENE, NAGLFAR, ENSLAVED, RAGNAROK... to quote the most well known, the list is enormous. In the other hand we also listen to death, thrash and heavy metal.
7. What kind of procedure do you follow when you compose songs? Do you have to be in a certain state of mind in order to perform the songs as you want?
    We compose in our rehearsal room. I usually give some riffs and we make the rest of the work, all members of the band contribute with their own ideas. The state of mind required is the concentration, the hard work and enjoying the song at the same time.
8. Which song or songs do you think are the most ideal to represent the whole album’s essence?
    I think that “Necromantic Amok” is the cornerstone of the work, due to the oppressive atmosphere, the rage, the dark melodies and the violence that it contains.
9. Which are your sources of inspiration when it comes to the lyrics? Which are the main topics you deal with?
    Our lyrics are fundamentally about death, war and antichristianism. The inspiration comes from many ways: novels, historical facts, legends, personal thoughts and feelings... 
10. You use corpse paint. Why? What’s so important about it?
    We use it due to most of the bands we hear use it too, and it goes with our music, evokes the kind of things that we want to cause in our public. It isn’t the most important thing, but it’s an indispensable part of the band, nowadays we can’t conceive TEMPLE ABATTOIR without corpse paint.
11. Who created the cover artwork? How is it connected to the album title and lyrics?
    The artwork was created by Daguth and me. We were looking for free rights images to use. Before I edit it all, and a friend of us, Wilbour Watheley, gave it the final and professional touch. The album title reflects the ideas contained in the songs. Originally it was a headline from a British newspaper of the First World War, were we found the image of shell bursting on the Rheims cathedral.
12. Have you got any plans for live shows? How are you promoting your work? What do you think of the use of the Internet? How helpful is it for a new band?
    We have no plans for live shows, because we are without bassist since the departure of Kalhum. Basically we promote our work by Internet. We live in a town in a not very inhabited area and it’s a great tool to spread the plague. Although I personally prefer fanzines.
13. Are you in touch with a label? What would you like to be offered in order to ink a deal and how difficult is it for a new band to sign a good deal with a record label nowadays?
    We are in touch with several labels (Nigra Mors from Spain, Satanica Productions from New Zealand and Nyarlathotep Records from Brazil). We seek a good distribution for our work and the release in different formats (compact disc, tape and vinyl). A very good deal will be if a label pay a recording studio for our next work, but it is very difficult, because you need very good contacts in the labels apart from the music, and we don’t have it!
14. What does black metal mean to you? Why did you choose to play this kind of music?
    Black metal is the music that I most like, to listen and to play, due to the intensity, aggressiveness and darkness that it communicates. We are an amateur band, but to play black metal for me is more a need than a hobby.
15. Is there a phrase that you think describes TEMPLE ABATTOIR in the best possible way?
    As a review of “Nechronicles” said: “(...) a mix between “Panzer Division” and a Norwegian loutish at your will”.
16. Thank you! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
    Thanks to you and to all the people who listen and support TEMPLE ABATTOIR.
    Commit apostasy!
Christine  Parastatidou